Friday, April 7, 2017

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hodge-Podge Art for Print

It's been a lot of fun seeing how my original art pieces look in print. I decided to add a few more for print that are not part of the "Painted Ladies" series. You might just like them yourself. Here's a preview of just some of what can be printed:

 Patterns and Lines

 Passion Food

 Rat Among The Animals

I hope you take the time to check out the new options. I still am planning to start a new series, and hope to post the preliminaries for you soon. Check back from time to time, or sign-up for my blog updates.

Thank you for visiting!
Peace! :)

- Debbie

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Painted Ladies - My Printed Tote

I recently ordered my very own printed tote with one of my favorite art pieces, #1 from the Painted Ladies' series. Redbubble definitely offers great service, and great products! I was so impressed by the quality of the tote bag. The print itself was vibrant and so much like the original colored marker drawing. The fabric is sturdy, the stitchery was well done, and it had an inner lining. Plus the straps were sturdy, the perfect width, and attached to the tote very well. It's a super product, for a great buy!

I had my friend Kendra pose with my tote so you can see for yourself just how nice this tote bag is.


I ordered the 16 X 16 sized tote, and as you can tell by the picture it's a pretty good size. Redbubble offers a smaller sized-tote, as well as a larger sized-tote. 


As you can see, the actual tote print looks very close to the actual art print of the colored marker original I made. It's quite amazing!


The other great feature about this printed tote bag is the fact that the print design is on both sides. The inner lining of the tote is so well done. Being the "bag" lady that I am, I can't wait to order a few more printed pieces to add to my collection of tote bags.

I hope you take the time to visit my profile page on redbubble, and consider any one of the great products offered that you can print my designs on. Also, there are so many featured artists on the site that offer a variety of printed products too. 

Thanks for visiting my blog page. Check back from time-to-time, or sign up for email notifications. I do have another art project in the works that I will share, so stand by!

- Debbie

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Painted Ladies In Print

It's so much fun to see some of my favorite art work on display in prints. I recently created a profile on Redbubble to share my Painted Ladies, and offer them as prints. Redbubble is the finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace I have found on the internet.

 dmarsh-art Portfolio-Painted Ladies

I invite you to check out my profile and take a look at all the incredibly creative things you can have printed. Choose from art prints, cards, canvas prints, framed prints, posters, stickers, and spiral notebooks. You can print on clothing, such as hoodies, pullovers, t-shirts of all styles, including short-sleeved, long-sleeved, tank tops, t-dresses, baseball shirts, and even mini skirts. In addition to all of these great ideas, you can choose from tote bags, throw pillows, duvet covers, iPhone cases, and so much more.

 Painted Ladies - Printed on Mini Skirts
Mini-Skirt Print Samples

 Painted Ladies - Printed on Throw Pillows
Throw Pillows Print Samples

Sign up for discount offers and specials, and follow my profile while you are at it. Also, check out some of the other great artists and their work. It's a great place to purchase cool and unique original art to share, and wear! Another great feature about purchasing original printed art such as mine at this site, the products you purchase are made of quality materials, and come with a 100% money back guarantee!

 Painted Ladies - Printed on Tote Bags
Tote Bags Print Samples

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Colored Pencil Sketches, 2015

Before I started my journal project, I was heavily into colored pencil sketches. I wanted to find a style that was similar to my most popular and favorite style from the late 80's - the Painted Ladies series. The colored pencil work above is one of my new favorites from my colored pencil sketches (2015).

The colored pencil work above is another one of my favorites from my colored pencil sketches. I've always enjoyed creating fashion-like illustrations. You'll find that most of my work will reflect this subject matter more than any other.

The colored pencil work above is more of a study piece. In addition to using fashion as my subject, I also enjoy drawing the human form. 

If you'd like to see more of my colored pencil sketches from 2015, visit my colored pencil board on Pinterest. You can also see my work on Google+ and on my Facebook page.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Art Journal: Possibilities

Art Journal - Piece #1
(Fall/Winter 2015)

Possibilities - 09/26/15

September 26, 2015
Materials: gesso, acryclic paint spray, homemade stencils, scrapbook stickers, book pages, magazine clippings.

This is the first "journal" entry of several pieces that I completed back in the Fall and Winter of 2015. I started this journal as purely an experiment, and found that I was really able to let loose with my creativity. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Art Journal: City Girls

Art Journal - Piece #15
(Fall/Winter 2015)

City Girls - 11/15/15
November 15, 2015
Materials: gesso, acrylic paint, glitter, Modge Podge, paper bag, colored pencil, graphite pencil.

Currently, this is the last entry I completed in my art journal. Although I'd like to do more art journal style art, I may not go back to this particular book as I have somewhat moved on. This was a great first experience, and gave me lots of inspiration for future projects.