Monday, November 16, 2015

Welcome to my blog!

I originally wrote this post in November of 2015. I decided to edit and re-post it as I am in the process of making major changes to my art blog. This actually is no longer considered my first entry, as I posted all 15 of my art journal entries from my Art Journal 2015 project.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Deborah "Debbie" Marsh. The name of my art blog is Art By Deborah Marsh, domain name is Over the years I have painted both professionally and as a hobby. I never quite dedicated myself to actually making a good living as an artist, but I truly enjoy it either way. I have been a student of art since I was a small child. In fact, I had always dreamed of growing up and becoming a professional artist, and even teaching art. I attended an accredited art college on scholarship, The Atlanta College of Art, and completed my first year with high marks. However, for whatever reason at that time, I felt the need to move back home and dropped out. I had hoped to transfer my credits and scholarship to a local art college in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, as things go, I made mistakes in the process and lost the opportunity.

Although I was young, naive, and somewhat lost, I still made every effort to attend art workshops, single classes with local artists, and engage in my own art - and made the occasional sale of my work.

Art by Deborah Marsh 2016©
Mickey Mouse, 1975
In life you truly can't have regrets. We make our choices based on our understanding, needs, resources, concerns, and desires at the time we have to make the choice. Right, wrong, or indifferent really doesn't matter. "It is what it is!" So you deal with it.

For me, the important thing was that no matter what direction I took in life, I needed to find a way to approach it with creativity, and add my own independent thinking and execution to the end result. For that reason I have always been able to create opportunities for myself. As for actual painting and drawing, I have always found time to include this in my life.

Art by Deborah Marsh 2016©
Painted Ladies, 1988
Now in my fifties, I've decided that I want to pursue my art more aggressively and make opportunities for myself to use art for both recreation and for additional income. "It's time to make my childhood dream a reality!"

Art by Deborah Marsh 2016©
Colored Pencil Sketch, 2014
In order to actively engage in this desire, I have been challenging myself with various creative projects, signing up with artist sites on the web, and sharing my creative endeavors on social media. This blog is also part of an effort to follow my passion and desire, to help those who visit my blog learn more about me, and for others to hopefully enjoy what I have to offer. This blog will also serve as a resource for other fellow artists to get information on products, supplies, tips and techniques, other artist community sites (including selling sites), as well as share ideas and inspiration.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Till next time!

Peace! :)

Art by Deborah Marsh 2016©
Art Journal, 2015

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